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Photo by Mads Salbæk

Hey! I'm Victor Selnæs Breum and I make digital and physical games in pursuit of playfulness and beauty.

I organize Nordic Game Jam, one of the most iconic game jams in the world. I study Direction of Animation and Interactive Media at the National Film School of Denmark

I also like swimming in ice-cold water, biking, reading, playing Klask, hiking, Chineseing, partying and zeppelinning. I have a life-changing epiphany every second day.

I strongly support inclusive and sustainable game development.

Why games?

  • Games can spread joy

  • Games can make you feel what it means to be someone else

  • Games can give you experiences found nowhere else

  • Games are largely unexplored

  • Games can take a thousand different forms

  • Game development can be satisfying and fun

  • Games can be great

  • Games can be awful, and I want to be a part of showing the world that they can do better


Contact me if you want to collaborate, ask questions, sell me ancient board games or discuss Murakami's short story "Crabs".

Twitter: @ZepCap

E-mail: victor.breum@gmail.com