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Hey! I'm Victor Selnæs Breum and I design, direct, write and program digital and physical games in pursuit of playfulness and beauty.

I co-founded Indoor Sunglasses, a new small studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a love for mysteries and curiosity. We're working on our first game, Mind Diver - an early version of Mind Diver got nominated for IGF and AMAZE Berlin.

I studied Direction of Animation and Interactive Media at the National Film School of Denmark. You can just call it Game Direction.

I also like swimming in ice-cold water, biking, reading, playing Klask, hiking, trying to speak Chinese, partying and zeppelinning. I have a life-changing epiphany every second day.

I used to be lead organizer of Nordic Game Jam, one of the most iconic game jams in the world with over 500 participants. Among other things, I led the transition to Online when corona struck!

I strongly support and work for inclusive and sustainable game development.


Why games?

The short: I love making them.

The long:

Games are repulsive and wonderful and fascinating and terrible and lovable monstrosities. I am attracted to trying to grasp what they are, what their importance is, what makes them tick, and I try to answer those questions any way I can - but mostly through making them.

I believe in personal, artistic expression through game design, and the connections created between the creators, the players and everyone else adjacent. I try to make games that

  • Awaken curiosity

  • Are accessible to new audiences

  • Enrich people's lives instead of taking away from them

  • Are both tender and critical in their outlook on the world


If you have some of the same ambitions, please do say hi - I am always happy to meet more people on this exploration.


Contact me if you want to collaborate, hire me, ask questions, sell me ancient board games or discuss Murakami's short story "Crabs".

Twitter: @ZepCap


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